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Kingdom Hearts

Y’know I was gonna write a story of how I got to this point, but sometimes it’s nice to just look at the pictures and remember the past, look to the future.

Oathkeeper - Sleeping Lion

Star Seeker - Bond of Flame

Hero’s crest - Way to Dawn

Hidden Dragon - Brightcrest

Pumpkinhead - Kingdom Key

Skull Noise - Kingdom Key D

Axel’s Chakrams - Young Xehanort’s Key



GHB, or KZ as Kan and II began to call him, turned out to be a pretty close friend or ours.  IIt sounds strange, II know.  IIt was inevitable that we would have to get to know him better, considering how close Kurloz and Mituna are. Plus, Gamzee and Karkat are trying to pick up the broken pieces of their friendship, so everything kind of clicked into place.

He does get a little disagreeable when he’s hungry though.